Bruin Radio Sports is a play-by-play show hosted by Brookings-Harbor High School staff, students, and alumni.

Good teamwork by Les Schwab Tires players

We are joined by co-host extraordinaire Sheila Maury (please e-mail me at if our spelling is incorrect Sheila!) and the hum-drum usual host Dane Tippman. The game we’re calling plays for is between the two Brookings-Harbor Adult Softball League teams, Chetco Pawn and the Les Schwab Tires team, who we affectionately dub the “Schwabbers”. You’ll hear lots of affectionate dubbing in this episode as the hosts are still learning who’s who out there! The final score is a little better this time around for the Chetco Pawn team, as you’ll hear if you tune in.

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Thank you to the Brookings Harbor Adult Softball League for hosting us at their games!

Host: Dane Tippman
Guests: Various Adult Softball League Players in Background, named in show

Recording Tech: Dane Tippman
Sound Editor: Dane Tippman

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Photos by Dane Tippman.

Student participation in this school-approved learning and creativity project is by the express permission of the students and their parents or guardians, and is conducted with the guidance of BHHS Vice-Principal Alex Merritt, BHHS Teacher Craig Cooper, BHHS Teacher Mr. Tippman and the approval of Brookings-Harbor High School Principal Lisa Dion. Names and pictures that may be included in this posting, and the names of students that may be mentioned in the show itself, were provided to Curry Coast Community Radio by the Brookings-Harbor School District with permission from the students and their parents or guardians in accordance with School Board Policy “JOB – Personally Identifiable Information” and the Brookings-Harbor High School form “Releasing Student Directory Information” signed by the parents or guardians.

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