Bruin Radio is a weekly student-led and student-written news show produced by Brookings-Harbor High School staff, and supported by Curry Coast Community Radio.

Isabella Freitas, Natalie Garcia, Iris Mitchell, Ashlee Ellis. Picture edited by Jessica Yock.

This is the final episode of the 2017-2018 school year! Many of our fantastic Bruin Radio students are graduating, or moving, and we do our best to bid them adieu. Bruin Radio wants to say a special thank you to Miles Wolfers, Angela Acosta, Logan Brown, Gage and Maclane Westbrook, Andrew Watling, Jadin Payne, Jeremy Pettinger, Brigid Mitchell, and Jed Doan! Thank you to each of you for the work and time you put into making Bruin Radio special.

In addition to our happy and sad goodbyes, we share some interviews with Cast and Crew of the play Once Upon a Mattress by the Chetco Pelican Players.

If you’re a student or staff member and you’d like to get involved, or if you’re a community member with input or advice for Bruin Radio, please reach out to us! Email Dane Tippman or Alex Merritt of the Brookings-Harbor High School. We would be thrilled to hear from you!

For more great High-School radio shows, check out the Brookings-Harbor High School radio page, a proud partner of Curry Coast Community Radio!

Hosts: Maxim Drager, Miles Wolfers, Natalia Aguilar, Isabella Freitas, Ashlee Ellis, Dane Tippman
Guests: Mary Anne Trailor, BJ Farris, Chase Hahn, Kyanna Hendricks
Producer: Dane Tippman
Recording Tech: Dane Tippman
Sound Editor: Dane Tippman

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual participants. Curry Coast Community Radio takes no position on issues discussed in this program.

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The Bruin News segment used the Wikinews briefs jingle, by Steven Fruitsmaak, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Generic license.
The Bruin News intro music is from the Prelinger Archives on the website
, and is released under the Creative Commons Public Domain license. The full show from which the Bruin News intro music was taken can be found at
This episode features selections from music composed by artist Derek Thomas Dew, also known as Touchless Remover on SoundCloud. Listen to his work here:

Student participation in this school-approved learning and creativity project is by the express permission of the students and their parents or guardians, and is conducted with the guidance of BHHS Vice-Principal Alex Merritt, BHHS Teacher Craig Cooper, BHHS Teacher Mr. Tippman and the approval of Brookings-Harbor High School Principal Lisa Dion. Names and pictures that may be included in this posting, and the names of students that may be mentioned in the show itself, were provided to Curry Coast Community Radio by the Brookings-Harbor School District with permission from the students and their parents or guardians in accordance with School Board Policy “JOB – Personally Identifiable Information” and the Brookings-Harbor High School form “Releasing Student Directory Information” signed by the parents or guardians.

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