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TEA Party Public Forum - Curry Health District Expansion

Photo by Eric Bryant

At the Sept. 26, 2015 Brookings TEA Party meeting and forum, City of Brookings’ Mayor Ron Hedenskog, Vice Chair of the Curry Health District Political Action Committee, and retired healthcare professional, Catherine Wiley, provide two different perspectives about Curry Health District’s service and territory expansion plans for south Curry County. KCIW’s tech crew and Community Conversations’ show host, Connie Hunter, record the discussion to provide food for thought for Curry County voters.

Hedenskog explains Curry Health Network’s position that the accompanying District residents have an extraordinary opportunity to strengthen healthcare services and still maintain local control. Conversely, Wiley provides a philosophical and historical perspective taking the Tea Party’s position that this tax levy is just one more tax. Espousing the opposite opinion from Hedenskog and CHD, Wiley explains why she believes that the “Taxed Enough Already” philosophy is a reason to vote down the two measures.

Recorded on location, at the Beachfront Inn conference room, this special report focuses on whether or not local residents are willing to vote for a property tax increase to fund an Emergency Department and other expanded healthcare services in Brookings-Harbor.

In July, the Curry County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to allow two ballot measures to be included during the November election. Both measures must pass to allow the expansion of Curry Health District to include the Brookings-Harbor area. Coincidently, Hedenskog’s candidacy was announced on the front page of the Curry Coastal Pilot as he will run for Curry County Commissioner in the upcoming election. Wiley does not seem intimidated by Mayor Ron and provides many details that shape her opinion. It is up to voters to decide what is most important to them – no more taxes or life saving convenient services.

 Producer: Connie Hunter: Recording tech: Justin Only, Jim Newman; Sound editor: Justin Only

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual participants. Curry Coast Community Radio takes no position on issues discussed in this program.

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