In honor of April being National Volunteer Month, Brookings mayor and community volunteer Ron Hedenskog joins Community Conversations show host Connie Hunter to talk about volunteerism and to inspire and encourage people to become community volunteers – including volunteering at the City of Brookings!

Brookings Mayor Ron Hedenskog

Brookings Mayor and Community Volunteer Ron Hedenskog

Before running for the City Council position of Mayor, Mayor Ron served on the City of Brookings’ Planning Commission, one of the City’s many volunteer positions. He encourages people to volunteer to serve on one of the City’s commissions and committees or to consider running for one of the three City Council positions that will be on the ballot in the next election cycle.

Mayor Ron is also a volunteer at St. Timothy’s Community Kitchen. He talks about the history of the Brookings area free lunch program and how an idea can grow into a program that can make a real difference in peoples’ lives.

For more information on the many volunteer opportunities at the City of Brookings, go to Also, if you want to volunteer to help at Party at the Port during the upcoming Azalea Festival weekend (Memorial Day weekend), you can contact Crissy Cooper-Perry at 541-787-1703. And, of course, KCIW is looking for more volunteers as we get closer to going on the air. To find out more about volunteer opportunities at KCIW, go to our web site ( and click on GET INVOLVED.

Join KCIW’s Community Conversations program in celebrating volunteers and volunteerism, not only in April, but throughout the year!

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