KCIW Community Conversations is grateful to have this special interview with Bill Farrell, President of Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) Chapter 757. Chapter President Bill shares information about our local chapter’s 2015 highlights and 2016 projects, and gives a special invitation to veterans of all conflict eras and their supporters to join the fun and be part of the effort support our veterans and families.

Bill Farrell

Bill Farrell

In full disclosure, both show host Connie Hunter and tech guy extraordinaire Jim Newman are AVVA members – associate members of VVA. With that in mind, please enjoy the chapter’s uplifting end of the year report and the spirited interaction between Chapter President Bill and Connie. The respect, joy, passion, and deep commitment of the leaders and members of our local VVA/AVVA chapter are shared through the efforts of veterans and veterans’ supporters who are there for each other.

The military/veteran community is a unified family where healing, sharing, fun, and hard work are part of the safety net of a supportive community. The VVA’s efforts save lives and provide reintegration support through the chapter’s veterans outreach program. A special fund provides direct financial aid for our veterans and family members most in need.

This program includes exciting news for 2016, such a second Vet Fest and VVA Chapter 757’s celebration of its 20th Anniversary with food, fun, and dancing!

VVA chapter general meetings will continue to be at the Brookings Elks Lodge on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM. Members bring a dish to share and the chapter provides the main entrée.

Host: Connie Hunter; Producers: Jim Newman, Connie Hunter; Recording tech: Jim Newman

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