Affecting change in rural Southern Oregon is another challenge local leaders face, even beyond providing a stable municipal government in Curry County at it edges toward a fiscal cliff. Following-up on the City Council meeting of June 22, 2015, Brookings City Manager Gary Milliman provides perspective, insight, and the backstory for KCIW’s Community Conversations.

Brookings City Manager Gary Milliman

Brookings City Manager Gary Milliman

Show host Connie Hunter talks with Gary Milliman about the latest hot button issues facing the city of Brookings, including:

  • Upcoming county public hearings regarding the proposed Curry Health Network’s improved health care services for Brookings, including annexation of the South County to the Curry Health District,
  • A decision by the City Council to delay action on the Planning Commission’s recommendations concerning ham radio towers,
  • The four-way impasse between the City of Brookings, Curry County, the Federal Aviation Administration, and South Coast Lumber that has stopped progress on water service improvements in and around Brookings Airport,
  • … and more

Host: Connie Hunter, Producer: Connie Hunter, Recording Engineer: Justin Only

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual participants. Curry Coast Community Radio takes no position on any issues discussed in this program.

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