In this episode of Community Organizer, Alyssa Babin, Secretary of the Azalea Park Foundation, sits down with Community Organizer and fellow Azalea Park Foundation Board Member Scott Clapson to talk about the new Azalea Park Community Garden.

Community GardenAlyssa and Scott, who are both community garden advocates, share information about the upcoming Volunteer Meeting for the Community Garden in Azalea Park and how they are passionate about including all members of our community in this project. They tell their personal stories about why this project is important to them. The Azalea Park Foundation hopes to begin building the garden in June of this year.

The Azalea Park Foundation Community Garden Volunteer Meeting is Tuesday, May 10th, at 6:00 PM in the large meeting room of the Chetco Community Library. You don’t have to attend the meeting to be a Community Garden volunteer. If you would like to participate, please call Community Garden Coordinator Scott Clapson at 541-254-1958, or email him at

You can find the Azalea Park Foundation on Facebook at

Host: Scott Clapson; Producer: Scott Clapson; Sound Editor: Peter Schreiber

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