In this episode of Angelita’s Wings, stories from the book Six Heroes of Mexican Independence, by Bonnie Muth MacMillan, continue with the dramatic story of Josefa Ortiz – the girl who listened – as we discover why she is considered one of the major six heroes of Mexican Independence. A brief account of cultural differences between the Mestizos, the Zapotecas, and the Spanish people is discussed. This devastating cultural divide still plays out in Mexico today as rich farmlands are taken from villagers, depriving them not only land, but access to good education.

The next story is of Benito Juarez, the Indian President of Mexico. As a young Zapotec boy, Benito got the chance to attend school, become an attorney, and finally President of Mexico.

Host: Billie Ruth Furuichi; Producer: Billie Ruth Furuichi

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Original music by Billie Ruth Furuichi
Stories from Six Heroes of Mexican Independence by Bonnie Muth MacMillan used with permission

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