In this episode of Angelita’s Wings, Billie Ruth concludes the story of Benito Juarez, who becomes a lawyer, marries Maria, and becomes the governor of Oaxaca, and later, the President of Mexico. But many of the Spanish people in Mexico hated him. After capturing him and putting him in jail, Benito escapes. Disguised as just a little Indian man, Benito flees to New Orleans in the United States, where he lives in exile for three years. Upon his return, he is once again elected President of Mexico. Statues of Benito Juarez are in the plaza of nearly every city in Mexico.

The next historical hero of Mexico is the famous vaquero, Pancho Villa, whose real name was Doroteo. When the field boss beat up his father, stole their land, and then came to take away his sister, Doroteo shot him in the foot, escaped to the mountains, and changed his name to Francisco Villa. He grew a huge mustache as a disguise and became known as Pancho Villa!

Host: Billie Ruth Furuichi; Producer: Billie Ruth Furuichi

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Original music by Billie Ruth Furuichi
Stories from Six Heroes of Mexican Independence by Bonnie Muth MacMillan used with permission

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