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Our Community: May You Live In Interesting Times

This week on Our Community, host Candice Michel welcomes Brookings CORE Response Executive Director Diana Carter back to the show. They touch on a lot of topics from the origins of a couple of common every day expressions to the new Camping Ban Ordinance passed by the...

Our Community: Catching up with CORE

Our Community host Candice Michel is once again joined by Brookings CORE Response Diana Carter to discuss the various projects in the works for transitional housing, medical respite, and veterans housing and how raising the level of the water benefits all the boats....

Our Community: The Verdict for St. Timothy’s

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church wins the lawsuit against the City of Brookings, with the judge chiding the City for enacting “an ill-conceived ordinance”. Join Our Community host Candice Michel this week as she chats with Fr. Bernie Lindley, pastor at St. Timothy’s and...

Our Community: Paul Critz and KFUG

This week, Our Community host Candice Michel talks with Paul Critz of Crescent City’s KFUG about community radio stations and the opportunities for the youth of our area to learn new skills and get their voices on the radio. Host: Candice Michel; Guest: Paul Critz;...

Our Community: Jenifer Alcorn and the SC Humane Society Shelter

“Who let the dogs out?” In this case, that would be South Coast Humane Society’s Executive Director Jenifer Alcorn. Join Our Community host Candice Michel as she and Jenifer discuss the shelter, the changes since she took over as Director, the incredible number of...

Our Community: Moral Injury and Ethics

What is moral injury? How does it affect us? What is the difference between morality and ethics, and where do they intersect? And how does that relate to politics? This week’s Our Community looks at some of these questions, and host Candice Michel and guest Diana...

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