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What's On Your Mind?

The KCIW Soapbox is your chance to talk, sing, rhyme, or rap about what’s important to you. Come to the KCIW Studio* any Wednesday at 2:00 PM. We’ll give you 2 minutes to share your two cents and put it on the air and on our website.

Soapbox segments are not broadcast live. We pre-record all Soapbox segments to allow editing to correct “flubs” and so that they can be aired more than once and made available for future play as podcasts and on the KCIW website.

If you can’t come at 2:00 PM on Wednesday, contact us at contact@KCIW.org, and we’ll set up a special time to record your Soapbox message.

Guidelines for “Soapbox” Recordings

Please begin by stating your full name and place of residence (Brookings, Harbor, Gold Beach, etc.).

  • This is for your personal opinion(s). As a non-profit corporation, KCIW can’t do political or commercial promotion or advertising.
  • Keep your language “clean”. Radio language restrictions are basically, “would you be comfortable saying this to your grandmother?”
  • No slander, advertising, or proselytizing.
  • The time limit is 2 minutes. The recording engineer or other station staff will signal you when your time is almost up.
  • If you flub a word or sentence, simply pause and begin the sentence again. The sound editor will make it sound like you never made a mistake.
  • Recording(s) will only be used by KCIW to (1) broadcast on-the-air, (2) play on-demand from KCIW’s website (KCIW.org), and (3) publish as KCIW podcasts.
  • KCIW will exercise editorial discretion with respect to the use of your recording and reserves the right not to use your recording if, in the judgement of KCIW staff, it does not follow KCIW guidelines described here or violates FCC guidelines for on-air programming.

* 625 Chetco Avenue, Brookings. downstairs from the Black Trumpet Bistro.

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