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Here We Are

Conversations with People Who Make Our Lives Better

Here We Are: What’s Coming this Fall to Our SWOCC Curry Campus with Dean Jill te Velde

Jill te Velde, Dean of our Southwest Oregon Community College Curry Campus, visits the studio and brings great news of upcoming courses for students who can benefit from new programs as well as the much anticipated community classes. Jill is full of enthusiasm for what is possible at our campus, making it a place to be as weather changes, and we...

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Here We Are: Kathleen Dickson – A little Mushroom Talk

When you talk with Kathleen Dickson, time flies, and you have covered a multitude of topics. We got to the subject of mushrooms, of course, and the good news of the Mushroom Festival coming in November. There is so much Kathleen has given our community, it’s a delight to be with her and recount a very few of her contributions. There is more to...

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Here We Are: Safety City – 25 years in Brookings thanks to Dan Palicki

Brookings, Oregon is so lucky Dan Palicki decided to move to town. For 25 years, Dan and his wife Barbara have provided five-year-olds a week of learning how to be safe. Dan had a long career as a police officer from Toledo, Ohio. He wrote a book about it. Toledo had a “Safety Town” program, and they let Dan steal the idea and build one for kids...

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Here We Are: Gayle Wilcox seeks Coos-Curry Electric Coop Board Position 4

How do residents of our county decide to run for election? What is the spark? Gayle Wilcox shares her reasons for running for Position 4 on the Coos Curry Electric Coop Board of Directors with host Karin Larsen. Gayle has been a resident of Port Orford for over 35 years, is a business owner, former US Forrest Service Crew Boss, Fire Chief, and...

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Here We Are: Sue Gold is running for Coos-Curry Electric Coop Board

After many years of service to Curry County, and a short hiatus since her County Commissioner term ended, Sue Gold is now seeing a need to run for a position on the Board of Coos Curry Electric Coop. Like a growing number of members of the CCEC, Sue has seen some decisions made by the Coop that are concerning. In this interview, Sue talks about...

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Here We Are: A Food and Faith “Salad” Talk with Suzy Collins

Here in Brookings, Oregon, many volunteers and churches have joined to provide access to healthy food specifically for the homeless who are served daily. Suzy Collins, a volunteer with the Brookings Community Garden, talks about how on “any day of the week a person can get a hot meal.” This is thanks to the willingness of churches who provide...

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Here We Are: “Kicking and Screaming”, Georgia Nowlin as Volunteer and Stateswoman

Welcome to the first edition of our new program series Here We Are with host Karin Larsen where each episode is a conversation with someone who makes our lives better, kinder, and brighter here in Curry County. In this episode of Here We Are, Karin talks with Georgia Nowlin and gets her thoughts on volunteering, serving as Curry County...

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