Brookings Mayor Hodges Email Concerning City Legal Expenses

On Jan 3, 2024, at 3:21 PM, Isaac Hodges <> wrote:

Hi Lori,

I hope you are having a great new year thus far. I appreciate all of these questions and hope to better understand the total costs myself, but I do not have a breakdown of legal expenditures between the bare numbers that everyone can see. No doubt, it is information that needs to be reviewed and discussed in detail, and I believe the current council is dedicated to transparency in matters like this. Regarding the law firms, I had to ask around to get some history. The City originally engaged Bullard Law to defend them in litigation but the firm dissolved. However, the same attorney’s who were working for the City at Bullard Law continue to work for the city, they transitioned to Miller Nash. Essentially, the city never changed lawyers, only the name of the firm they make the payments to. The Local Government Law Group is the City’s general council, and assists the City with issues such as the personnel matter with the City Manager.

I hope you find this information valuable.


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