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The Insider Report: Upcoming Activities and Events for November 19 – 25, 2019 … and Beyond

In this edition of The Insider Report, hosts Bruce Ellis and Kat Temple share the latest news on the Brookings-Harbor entertainment scene. Wild Rivers Animal Rescue is hosting its 50th Annual Holiday Bazaar on November 22 and 23 in Gold Beach. All proceeds of the...

Ocean Mist Power Hour: Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

In this episode of the Ocean Mist Power Hour, host Misty Young discusses the book Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently by world renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell. This series will help you become a better...

Reality Check: Robert O’Sullivan On William Blake

Robert O’Sullivan holds a degree in theology and has studied William Blake, poet and artist, in great detail. In this edition of Reality Check, Robert O’Sullivan and hose Lee Tuley explore the amazing life of William Blake and why he is so relevant today. That’s this...

Ocean Mist Power Hour: Juvenile justice, Climate Change and More…

Sharing topics from, Ocean Mist Power Hour host Misty Young explores what kids know about the juvenile justice system, a bit about California's dystopia and, of course a touch climate change. Host: Misty Young; Producer: Misty Young The opinions...

Ocean Mist Power Hour: Microbiome Health = Your Health

The standard American is a key part of an obesogenic environment that promotes rapid weight gain, inflammation, and the development of many diseases. Join Ocean Mist Power Hour host Misty Young and learn what the gut micorobiome means to your health and how you can...

Featured Shows

Reality Check: Climate Solutions with Tom Suchanek, Ph.D

Tom Suchanek has been studying impacts and solutions to climate change over the past 25 years with appointments at UC Davis, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the US Geological Survey. He has the important message that the technology is available to solve this...

Our Community: Nature’s Coastal Holiday – Leslie Wilkinson

The holidays are coming, and the annual astounding display of Christmas lights will take place in Azalea Park, Nature's Coastal Holiday's Festival of Lights. Join Our Community host Candice Michel as she discusses this year's surprises with event organizer Leslie...

Reality Check: Brookings-Harbor Farmers Market

In this edition of Reality Check, host Lee Tuley's guest is Linda Stimson of the Brookings-Harbor Farmers Market. The farmers market is an important community resources. Linda talks about the market and all the many factors impacting our food supply. That’s this week...

Discussion at Brookings Café: The Master Gardener Program

Brookings is a panacea for gardeners, and in this episode of Discussion at Brookings Cafe, Master Gardener Coordinator Scott Thiemann of the OSU Extension Service discusses the Master Gardener program in our area. He also fields thought-provoking questions from host...

Our Community: Community Volunteer Jim Newman

In this edition of Our Community, host Candice Michel chats with community volunteer Jim Newman about his many hats, which include hosting a brand new series for KCIW about getting to know our local veterans. Host: Candice Michel; Guest: Jim Newman; Producer: Candice...

Reality Check: Robert O’Sullivan On William Blake

Robert O’Sullivan holds a degree in theology and has studied William Blake, poet and artist, in great detail. In this edition of Reality Check, Robert O’Sullivan and hose Lee Tuley explore the amazing life of William Blake and why he is so relevant today. That’s this...

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a platform in our community for the free exchange of artistic expression, information, and differing points of view, and to encourage cooperation and collaboration among our local government entities, schools, service groups, other non-profits, and population segments whose voices are often not heard, such as veterans, the elderly, elementary, middle, and high school students, and indigenous people, to strengthen our sense of community and work toward a better future for all residents of Curry County.

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Our music is eclectic, with an emphasis on local musicians. Stay tuned for more diversity, including blues, classical, and old-time rock. This station is a work in progress!


Interviews with local leaders, office-holders, and interesting people | Round-table discussions on subjects of local interest | Call-in talk shows

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Special interest programming on topics such as, fishing, hiking, health and wellness, cooking, gardening, pets, and others.

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