Program Description Guidelines

Every program that is published in the web requires a written description that will be part of the podcast’s web post. The description will appear on the KCIW.ORG web page associated with the podcast and will be displayed by podcast apps for people who listen on smart phones and tablets.

The purpose of the description is to introduce the podcast to potential listeners and (hopefully) entice them to listen to the show.

Here’s a general “outline” of what should go into a podcast description:

In this edition of [name of podcast series], [name of host] talks with [names and titles of people being interviewed] about [subject matter covered in the interview].

[More information about the interviewees]

[Additional subject matter background/description]

Learn about [interesting things covered in the podcast].

The actual format and content of the description is flexible and should be adapted to best describe the podcast and make the reader want to listen.

In general, the written description should be accompanied by photo or other graphic what will draw the reader’s attention. It will typically be a photo of the interviewee(s) or something related to the subject matter of the program.

Please check our existing 3CRadio podcast pages at KCIW.ORG to see examples of podcast descriptions.

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