In Episode thirteen we shared Amelia’s impressions of the family she is about to join as an Au pair. The Devereaus’ are not what she expected, particularly Robyn who seems to be an enigma. Amelia consoles herself that she in the United States for a reason; to find out more about Colin, her fiancé who is now with the American Military in Vietnam.

The Scottish butler, Jeremy, becomes a good friend, even though Robyn Devereau has warned Amelia about being overly friendly with him and the mysterious Canyon Devereau whom Amelia has yet to meet. She is impressed with the house and the grounds and loves the open space that surrounds it, and, although the two boys have little respect for her, she is intrigued with Robyn. The lady of the house seems to have a special interest in one of the men who delivers groceries every week!

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Host: Angela Ewing, Producer: Angela Ewing, Recording Tech: Justin Only; Sound Editor: Justin Only

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