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Program Series

  • Bruin Radio
    News and special features by the students of Brookings-Harbor High School
  • Building Bridges
    Exploring different experiences and perspectives that inform our decisions, with Brookings Mayor Jake Pieper
  • Community Organizer
    Interviews with people who are dedicated to making our community better for all people
  • I Love to Watch You Play
    A show that educates, entertains and inspires … for the person that wants to be the best version of themselves
  • Insider Report
    Bruce Ellis’ weekly review of entertainment and events in and around Curry County
  • Indie Music Roadshow
    Showcasing musical talent of all genres, a variety of locales, and all levels of involvement in the art
  • Nurse Sherry’s Glowing Lifestyle
    This medically informed program takes listeners through the pillars of healthy living from nutrition and hydration all the way to thoughts, attitudes and exercise, and everything in between!
  • Our Community
    Interviews with interesting people on interesting topics in our community
  • Remembering When
    Interviews and commentary on Genealogy and history with Judith Lidgus
  • The Chetco Effect
    A series of tales set in Brookings and surrounding areas, whose characters and situations are affected in a supernatural way by the Chetco Effect
  • The Scalpel
     A series of programs where ideas are dissected, not people – hosted by Pastor Jim Schultz

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