Welcome to the first edition of our new series, Indie Music Roadshow with host Kimberly Devine.

Host Kimberly Devine on the mission of the Indie Music Roadshow:

Indie Music Roadshow is devoted to recognizing and showcasing musical talent of all genres, a variety of locales, and all levels of involvement in the art.

Having been a music lover since childhood and being a singer-songwriter myself, I understand the complexities and challenges of getting your work out where people can hear it. The show will feature in depth interviews with the artists not only making the music, but those making the music possible, as well as sharing some really fantastic music that might not otherwise make it out to a listening audience.

Kimberly Devine

This premier edition of Indie Music Roadshow was recorded at the Wind River Studio, nestled in the gloriously wooded foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Built with cathedral ceilings of rich, warm lumber harvested from the land surrounding it, the studio feels open and spacious. The vintage woodstove suspended by iron rods hooked to the ceiling offers a cozy atmosphere on chilly days and evenings. Surfboards are suspended from the ceiling as well … in addition to being a well-loved songwriter and performer, studio owner Keith Greeninger is also an avid surfer and the master carpenter who designed this magical venue. We say venue because, not only is Wind River a studio for recording purposes, it is a perfect hall for a house concert. These performances are often recorded live, and folks who are lucky enough to attend are treated to a show that is unforgettable.

Keith Greeninger, D. J. Higdon, Perry Devine, and Kimberly Devine

Indie Music Roadshow will be visiting Wind River Studio often to connect with Keith, Sound Engineer D. J. Higdon, and other fabulous artists who might be performing or recording there.

Host: Kimberly Devine; Producer: Kimberly Devine; Recording Tech: Kimberly Devine; Sound Editor: Kimberly Devine

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Beginning and end music is from Chordwood Album The Journey, written by Kimberly Devine and a music collaboration with Keith Greeninger, used with permission.
Episode music is by D.J. Higdon, ChordWood, and Keith Greeninger, used with permission.