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Bruce Ellis is gearing up for Halloween season, and he’s ready to bring listeners the latest information about upcoming activities and events in Brookings-Harbor, Curry County, and beyond.

Bruce begins with his regular weekly update on the local music and entertainment scene. It’s a great time of year to catch a live theater production – there’s one more weekend to catch Brookings-Harbor Community Theater’s Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure at the Dori Randall Performing Arts Center, and the Ellensburg Theater Company is presenting Clue at the Rogue Playhouse beginning October 21, which will run for two weekends.

October is sure to be an exciting month for local events, including car shows in Crescent City, the 4th annual Rotary Raining Cats and Dogs event, a slew of Halloween parties… and much, much more!

So sit back and – as Bruce put it – let your ears do the walking.

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