It’s Bruce Ellis again with another Insider Report, his weekly rundown of activities and events happening in Brookings-Harbor, Curry County, and beyond.

77th Annual Azalea FestivalIt’s Memorial Day weekend, which means it’s time for the annual Brookings-Harbor Azalea Festival, the biggest event of the year in Brookings-Harbor! Come on down to the Port of Brookings Harbor to enjoy the festivities beginning Friday afternoon at 4:00. There will be music, vendors, and activities for the whole family. Good times! Hear all about it!

This week Bruce has his usual reportage of the local scene, as well as interviews with a couple of the folk who are responsible for the upcoming gala weekend. First up is Crissy Cooper-Perry, Events and Marketing Specialist for the Port of Brookings-Harbor, who tells about the awesome happenings at the Port this weekend. Next Bruce talks with Alyssa Babin, Executive Director of Wild and Scenic Rivers, about the Wild and Scenic Film Festival taking place at Port on Saturday evening.

And that’s not all the happenings this weekend in our fair community. Listen to the show to find out more!

So sit back and – as Bruce puts it – let your ears do the walking.

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