Insider Report 1 Year AnnaversaryIt’s time for another Insider Report, Bruce’s rundown of fun and exciting things happening in Brookings-Harbor, Curry County, and beyond. But this show is special! The Insider report has been “on the air” for one year!

Of course, Bruce has the latest on the local music scene and upcoming activities and events, including a look ahead at the Pirates of the Pacific Festival and the Wild Rivers Music Festival, and of course, the 77th Annual Azalea Festival … and much, much more.

Definitely listen to this special anniversary show show all the way to the end. You won’t be sorry!

So sit back and – as Bruce puts it – let your ears do the walking.

In honor of the Insider Report’s first anniversary, here’s a special message from Bruce’s producer Justin Only (a.k.a. John) …

Bruce and I celebrate our 52nd show together for KCIW radio. It’s been an interesting year, and somehow Bruce and I remain friends! That’s something; you ought to edit one of his shows! Seriously, it’s been a year and we’re still having fun. I hope for many more, and we hope you have a bit of fun as well.

This time I’ve allowed a blooper or two for your listening pleasure. And I appear in the program! Yow.

We hope you enjoy the show! If you like what we’re doing (or don’t like it) please do go to our Facebook page,, and let us know what you think. Believe it or not, we are very interested in your comments as we wish to continue to serve you with interesting and entertaining shows. The way we look at it it’s not just our station, it’s your station, too.

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Trust me, it’ll be fun!

Justin Only (a.k.a. John)

Host: Bruce Ellis, Producer: Justin Only, Recording Tech: Justin Only, Sound Editor: Justin Only

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