Bruce Ellis spent a fun-filled weekend playing with the Purple Dayz Experience, and he’s ready to bring listeners the latest information about upcoming activities and events in Brookings-Harbor, Curry County, and beyond.

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Bruce begins with his regular weekly update on the local music and entertainment scene. Karaoke takes place regularly on Wednesday and Sunday nights at the 101 Bar and Grill, and Chetco Brewing Company features regular performances by local musicians Frankie C., Rapp Brush, and Lon Goddard. The Brookings Harbor Friends of Music will be hosting a performance by the Akropolis Reed Quartet on March 26 at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Brookings.

The April calendar is filling up fast! On April 1, the Chetco Grange will hold a Meals on Wheels fundraiser dance. For weekend bargain hunters, St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church will host a bargain basement sale on April 7 and 8.

Other upcoming events include a number of St. Patrick’s Day parties, the Premier of Man the Ship at Lighthouse Repertory Theater, the start of Whale Watching Week… and much, much more!

So sit back and – as Bruce puts it – let your ears do the walking.

Host: Bruce Ellis; Producer: Justin Only; Recording Tech: Justin Only; Sound Editor: Justin Only; Writer and Copy Editor: Katlyn Temple

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