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Summer in Brookings-Harbor is heating up in more ways than one. Bruce Ellis tells all about it in the latest edition of the Insider Report.

Bruce is up to his usual antics: entertainment news, a few views, plus a special interview with the organizers of the quarterly KCIW fund-raising poker tournament, Connie and Skip Hunter.

Events coming up this weekend included a toga party; a Chetco Pelican Players production of the locally written and produced play Thar’ She Blows, or Quit Yer Blubberin’; the first of nine performances in the annual American Music Festival Summer Concerts in the Park, featuring Hot Rods Band performing 1950s – 1960s hits … and much, much more!

So sit back and – as Bruce puts it – let your ears do the walking.

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A special message from Bruce’s producer Justin Only (a.k.a. John):

Hey, you-all, I (Justin Only) gots the butterflies! We’re aimin’ to pull the trigger, go live, light it up! We’re aiming for sometime in July: we’ll be ON THE AIR! Now all you talented folk need to step up. We need techs, disk jockeys, musicians, folks who would like to have a show, and a million other things! Come one, come all! We’re building a community radio station and community is pretty much the important part! It’s gonna be your station. You all need to pitch in!

Tune your computer to KCIW.org. We have new stories, new goings on, new serious stuff, and, we hope, even more fun! Join us!

Justin Only (a.k.a. John)

Host: Bruce Ellis, Producer: Justin Only, Recording Tech: Justin Only, Sound Editor: Justin Only

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