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Program Series

  • Bruin Radio
    News and special features by the students of Brookings-Harbor High School
  • Building Bridges
    Exploring different experiences and perspectives that inform our decisions, with Brookings Mayor Jake Pieper
  • Community Organizer
    Interviews with people who are dedicated to making our community better for all people
  • I Love to Watch You Play
    A show that educates, entertains and inspires … for the person that wants to be the best version of themselves
  • Insider Report
    Bruce Ellis’ weekly review of entertainment and events in and around Curry County
  • Indie Music Roadshow
    Showcasing musical talent of all genres, a variety of locales, and all levels of involvement in the art
  • Our Community
    Interviews with interesting people on interesting topics in our community
  • Remembering When
    Interviews and commentary on Genealogy and history with Judith Lidgus
  • The Chetco Effect
    A series of tales set in Brookings and surrounding areas, whose characters and situations are affected in a supernatural way by the Chetco Effect
  • The Scalpel
     A series of programs where ideas are dissected, not people – hosted by Pastor Jim Schultz

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