KCIW NEWS - Fourth Friday

Fourth Friday – January 24, 2020

IIn this edition of Fourth Friday, hear KCIW reporter Dan Ford's opinion piece on our current political situation from the perspective of an Economics and Political Science teacher. We cover the 4th Annual Brookings Women's March, and Coach Ken helps you to prepare your body in case of a fall. Kathleen Dickson of OtterBee's Market tells us about the best fresh and local foods, Karen Rossman Clark shares her experiences of hosting bicyclists through the website warmshowers.org, and contributor Vicky O'Hara teaches us all about the Polar Vortex.

Fourth Friday – November 22, 2019

In this edition of Fourth Friday, Curry Health CEO Ginny Williams updated the public on that planned stand alone emergency room for Brookings and KCIW was there. Not everyone believes the proposed E.R. is the best option for our area? Also, KCIW Reporter Dan Ford takes you to Highway 199. How dangerous is it? You may be surprised. And we'll give you an update on the monarch butterfly "egg explosion" that has scientists all over the country smiling. Plus Coach Ken Dobberpuhl with a quick tip for building a healthy foundation ... using four pillars of strength and flexibility.

Fourth Friday – October 25, 2019

Who knew fungus could be so fabulous!? In this edition of Fourth Friday, we preview the annual Mushroom Festival. Also, KCIW Reporter Deb Worth was there when Curry Health CEO Ginny Williams updated the Brookings City Council on its proposed stand alone Emergency Room, she has the latest. And KCIW Reporter Dan Ford takes a look at tsunami safety. Plus, Pelican's Perch is a low income seniors only complex built with tax credits, we'll introduce you to the developer who built the project. And meet one of Curry County's incredible women. Janece Payne was part of a history making unit in the army.

Fourth Friday – September 27, 2019

In this edition of Fourth Friday, find out why Monarch Butterfly enthusiasts from all over the country have their eyes on Brookings. Plus an exclusive interview with U.S. Congressman Peter DeFazio and why Curry County Commissioner Chris Paasch wants to borrow money from the County Road Fund for the proposed stand alone emergency room for Brookings.

Fourth Friday – August 23, 2019

On this edition of Fourth Friday, a KCIW News Magazine show, KCIW Reporter Guimar Hiegart tells you why dozens of volunteers showed up on a recent Saturday morning to "Cherish the Chetco". Find out what they did and why it's important to all of us. Also a visit to the Little Farm on Pedroli Drive. It's a unique air bnb that doubles as a classroom for local students. You'll meet a woman whose garden has meant magic for Brookings Monarch Butterflies and find out why the eggs she's found and fostered is so important to the species survival.

Fourth Friday – July 26, 2019

In this premiere edition of Fourth Friday, a KCIW New Magazine Program, KCIW Reporter Guimar Hiegart tells us how a violent assault gave a local woman courage and a voice. Brookings own Jessica Garcia is behind a new law that makes Oregon one of two states with laws protecting rape victims immediately after an assault. And the Southwestern College Board of Directors met in Brookings. Find out what brought all three Curry County Commissioners and dozens of citizens to the meeting as well. And it's a big bus painted like a juicy watermelon. We tell you what it's doing in Brookings and Harbor and how it's helping hungry kids.