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Monthly Expenses

Total $530
Studio Rent$275
Studio-To-Transmitter Link$70
Studio Internet Access$50
Podcast Service$40
Telephone Service$70
Office Supplies $25

Annual Expenses

Total $4,930
Antenna Tower Rent$1,082
Broadcast Music License, BMI$345
Broadcast Music License, SESAC$149
Broadcast Music License, ASCAP$285
Podcast Music License, Audioblocks$99
Syndicated Programming Fees$1,000
General Liability Insurance$550
Directors and Officers Insurance$875
National Federation of Community
Broadcasters Membership
PO Box Rent$45

Equipment Needs

ItemQuantityUnit CostTotal Cost
Profanity Delay1$2,995$2,995
Uninterruptible Power Supply1$250$250
Shure SM58 Microphones9$100$900
Portable Microphone Stands7$8$56
Microphone Pop Filters16$19$304
15 ft XLR Cables10$15$150
Studio Computers3$450$1,350
Sound Editing Computer1$700$700
Locking Storage Cabinet1$250$250

TOTAL 2017 BUDGET = $18,245